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4x4 Series Course Content
1. 4x4 Process: An introduction to the All-weather Investment Framework
2. Big 5 Asset Classes: How to Build a Diversified Portfolio that Works in all Market Conditions
3. Real GDP: How to Use our Understanding of Real GDP Trend to Allocate Capital across Regions
4. Historical Returns: How to Put the Odds in our Favour by Understanding the Past
5. Implied Volatility: How to Use Options’ Implied Volatility to Determine Market Expectation
5 bonus. Introduction to Option Pricing Model
6. Employment Situation: The Relationship between Labour Market Conditions and Inflation
7. Inflation: Why the Headline Number is Misleading and what we should actually be Focusing on
8. Retail Sales & Industrial Production: How to Use Coincident Indicator to Filter Trade Ideas
9. Central Banks and Interest Rates: Possible Impact on our Portfolio
10. Consumer Sentiment: Why this Leading Indicator is more important for U.S. Stocks
10 bonus. Idea Generation – Macro Picture – Leading indicators – Money Supply
11.  Other Leading Indicators: More Insights for Idea Generation
12. ISM Manufacturing PMI: The best Indicator for Generating Trade Ideas in U.S. Manufacturing Stocks
12 bonus. Idea Generation – Macro Picture – Leading indicators – ISM Fed Indexes
13. ISM Services NMI: The best Indicator for Generating Trade Ideas in U.S. Services Stocks
14. Markit PMI: How to Generate High-Quality Cross-Country Trade Ideas with Markit PMI
15. European Sentiment Indicator (ESI): The best Indicator for Generating Trade Ideas in European Stocks
15 bonus. Idea Generation – Macro Picture – leading Indicators – ESI Filtering
16. Big Picture: Confused yet? Making Sense of all the Macro Data
17. Top-Down Filtering: An Overview
18. Fundamentals and Valuation: What do Traders Look for in a Stock
19. Filtering Process (Part 1): How to Avoid the Dead-Money Situation
20. Filtering Process (Part 2): How to Identify Potential Stocks for further Analysis within a Sector / Industry