European Banks: Time to Monitor closely.

The idea of this blog is not to add tension, doom and gloom to the existing environment. After the big sell-off in equities and the rally in Bonds I just wanted to get a better picture of how European Sectors performed and if there are important levels to watch. Like I did recently with Asset...

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Intraday vs Overnight? Cash vs Future? What Outperforms?

After an almost -3% drawdown on the S&P 500 in January, today the S&P 500 is about or close to taking its all time highs (~3,338). Tesla is up more than 100% year to date, trading 30% of the market cap every day, on social media there is euphoria around market, stocks, no hedging, "I told...

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11th December 2008. When My World Collapsed.

Eleven years ago, on December 11, 2008 I was having dinner with my wife and my brother-in-law in London. We were early celebrating my wife’s birthday (on the 12th) and announcing to his brother that she was pregnant with our first child. We had just come back from three weeks travelling in...

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Looking for Black Friday Bargains?

With one month to go before the end of the year and the decade, I just wanted to get a picture of which assets, sectors, industries... performed well so far in 2019. Through the mentoring program, I strongly advise my mentees to get a price action picture at least every week. The idea is to know...

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Realized Volatility vs Implied Volatility. Where are we?

I just wanted to make a quick comment on market's conditions as we recently experienced falling volatility. That is true across asset classes where volatility stands at low level. Below we will be looking at the S&P 500 volatility: realized and implied. Let's start with a chart for the S&P...

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Buybacks, Dividends and Free Cash Flows

In a recent post ( FT Alphaville discussed buybacks. With 2020 in sight and the U.S. Presidential Campaign, we will read more and more similar headlines. If you add debates around how real wages have increased (or...

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The 2nd Derivative – A Follow up: HSBC example.

Let's start with the Europe Stoxx 600 Banks Chart in 2019: Now HSBC in eur in 2019: And HSBC in GBP: About to retest a big support. Now what about HSBC exposure by regions: Hong Kong19.90%United Kingdom12%Asia13.50%United States5.10%Latin America3.50%Middle East and North...

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October Snapshot and random charts

Let's start with Performances in October across asset classes and sectors. Then (random) charts only. XLU - Utilities Health Care vs S&P 500 Information Technology vs S&P 500 Energy vs S&P 500 I hope it helps, Gregoire

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