Gregoire Dupont’s Trading Education

This is the online Trading Education Course from Gregoire Dupont. He has close to 20 years of experience in the financial markets as a Professional Trader and Portfolio Manager.


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40+ Videos
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45+ Excel Spreadsheets to Build your Own Infrastructure
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Video 1

 4x4 Process: An Introduction to the All-Weather Investment Framework

Video 2

Big 5 Asset Classes: How to Build a Diversified Portfolio that Works in all Market Conditions 

Video 3

Real GDP: How to Use our Understanding of Real GDP Trend to Allocate Capital Across Regions

Video 4

Historical Returns: How to Put the Odds in Your Favour by Understanding the Past

Video 5

Implied Volatility: How to Use Options’ Implied Volatility to Determine Market Expectation

Video 6

Employment Situation: The Relationship between Labour Market Conditions and Inflation

Video 7

Inflation: Why the Headline Number is Misleading and what we should actually be Focusing on

Video 8

Retail Sales & Industrial Production: How to Use Coincident Indicator to Filter Trade Ideas

Video 9

Central Banks and Interest Rates: Possible Impact on our Portfolio

Video 10

Consumer Sentiment: Why this Leading Indicator is more important for U.S. Stocks

Video 11

Other Leading Indicators: More Insights for Idea Generation

Video 12

ISM Manufacturing PMI: The best Indicator for Generating Trade Ideas in U.S. Manufacturing Stocks

Video 13

ISM Services NMI: The best Indicator for Generating Trade Ideas in U.S. Services Stocks

Video 14

Markit PMI: How to Generate High-Quality Cross-Country Trade Ideas with Markit PMI

Video 15

European Sentiment Indicator (ESI): The best Indicator for Generating Trade Ideas in European Stocks

Video 16

Big Picture: Confused yet? Making Sense of all the Macro Data

Video 17

Top-Down Filtering: An Overview 

Video 18

Fundamentals and Valuation: What do Traders Look for in a Stock

Video 19

Filtering Process (Part 1): How to Avoid the Dead-Money Situation

Video 20

Filtering Process (Part 2): How to Identify Potential Stocks for further Analysis within a Sector / Industry

Video 21

Bottom-Up Evaluation: How to Quantitatively Analyze a Stock

Video 22

Idea Generation: Why you Should not Overlook Bottom-Up Trade Ideas

Video 23

Idea Generation: How to Generate Good Trade Ideas from the Bottom-Up

Video 24

Bottom-Up Evaluation: How to Qualitatively Analyze a Stock

Video 25

Foreign Exchange: How does Currency Movement Affect our Portfolio

Video 26

Derivatives: How to Use Options to Hedge your Portfolio and to Leverage Trades.

Video 27

How to Organize and Monitor your Trade Ideas in your Watchlist

Video 28

Timing: How to Use Technical Analysis and Price Action to Time your Entry

Video 29

Timing: How Volume can Help us Understand Market Condition, Generate Trade Ideas and Time our Entries

Video 30

How to Build a Long/Short Equity Portfolio from Scratch

Video 31

Risk Management Rules to Eliminate the Risk of Blowing up your Portfolio

Video 32

How to Build a Long/Short Equity Portfolio (Examples)

Video 33

How to Use your P&L to Optimize your Portfolio Performance

Video 5 bonus

Introduction to Option Pricing Model.

Video 10 bonus

Idea Generation – Macro Picture – Leading Indicators – Money Supply.

Video 12 bonus

Idea Generation – Macro Picture – Leading indicators – ISM Fed Indexes.

Video 15 bonus

Idea Generation. Macro Picture – Leading Indicators – ESI Filtering.

Video 23 bonus

How to Trade ADR.

Video 24 bonus

The Qualitative Analysis. Caterpillar Example.

Video Bonus

How to Drill Down from the S&P 500 to the Sectors.

Video Bonus

Advanced Risk Management. Hedging Strategies.

Video Bonus

Webinar 25/07/20: Trade Idea Generation.