Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will I learn during the 4x4 Process Video Series?

The 4×4 Process is about learning how to profitably manage your own money. With 20 years’ experience as a Hedge Fund Manager and Proprietary Trader, Gregoire Dupont will teach you how to successfully build a profitable portfolio. Combined with several years as a Trading Mentor, Gregoire has built a very comprehensive process that can be used in any market conditions.

Over the years, Gregoire hold professionally a similar mandate as yours: an absolute mandate. That means making money in down, up or sideways market.

Through these video series, you will learn how to have positive returns across different market and economic conditions.

How many videos do I have access to?

When subscribing to the 4×4 Process Video Series, you will get access to 40+ videos or around 30 hours footage. The videos will be following the same pattern with: an introduction explaining where you are in the process and what the video will be about, then a detailed presentation of the current subject and finally a recap of all the major points with a transition to the next subject.

With a strong desire to focus on content, almost all the videos are screen footage.

Does the subscription give access to other resources?

With the Video Series, you will be provided with 45+ excel spreadsheets in order to build your own infrastructure. The whole idea of the 4×4 process is to provide all the needed tools to be independent. Over their subscriptions’ periods, both 2 months and 12 months subscribers are able to download those spreadsheets that are updated every quarter.

With each spreadsheet, you will get all the information needed (like sources) to build your own database with free data.

Who created the 4x4 Video Series and what is his background?

The 4×4 Video Series has been built by Gregoire Dupont who will be teaching you the process all along the videos.

You can find Gregoire Profile here:

Gregoire has enjoyed a successful 20-year career as a Professional Trader and has gained expertise in a variety of asset classes and regions. After a major in Finance at Nantes Audencia Business School, Gregoire started in 2000 as a cash equity trader and then as a fund manager for Pierre Charon Gestion and DTAM in Paris. In 2004, he joined Griffin Capital Management in London as a European Fund Manager for their long only fund and later on their long/short fund.

At its peak, the Griffin Western European Team was managing more than $500mln with Gregoire focusing on a multi-disciplinary systematic approach including fundamentals, technicals, price action trading and correlation hedging. From 2009 and almost 10 years, Gregoire was a Proprietary Trader in London at Infinity Capital Markets with a multi-strategy mandate.

Since 2014, Gregoire has been mentoring tens of mentees from all over the world.

Since 2018, he has been developing the 4×4 Video Series and his mentoring program when in the meantime actively trading his own portfolio.

Through all those years, Gregoire had a very consistent track record.

Which assets are covered in the 4x4 Video Series?

The 4×4 Process covers all asset classes with a focus around stocks. By the size of its universe and its volatility, the equity market offers many opportunities and good diversification. Depending on where we are in the economic cycle and on market conditions, the 4×4 process will teach you how to diversify your portfolio across asset classes: Fx, bonds, commodities with a core portfolio around stocks.

On top of its core holding in stocks, the 4×4 process will cover the different asset classes and how to generate actionable ideas for all of them.

Several videos will discuss how to use options for better risk management and P&L optimization.

How many hours are required to complete the Video Series?

With 40 Videos and 30h of footage, the Video Series need time to be fully processed. We recommend watching them at least 2 to 3x to understand the whole process and be familiar with the excel spreadsheets provided.

Therefore, we offer two subscription options depending on the time that you could commit: 2 months or 12 months. With the 12 months subscription, you will get quarterly updates for the excel spreadsheets.

What are the differences between the 4x4 Video series and other education?

The 4×4 Series is about learning how to consistently be making money. That has nothing to do with positive returns for a short period then losing all. Over the last 20 years, Gregoire has been trading across different asset classes, regions and timeframes within a professional mandate. The 4×4 Process is about getting a fundamental process, both macro and micro, overlaid with an active portfolio management. Technical analysis, price action and a strict risk management would complete this fundamental process.

As you will learn through the videos, being consistently profitable requires having a process with a strong risk management. No stupid leverage or concentration but diversification, realistic returns would be discussed.

What are the different subjects developed in the 4x4 Process?

The 4×4 Video Series is about getting a strong process for idea generation across asset classes with a core portfolio around stocks. After learning why Retail Traders are failing, you will understand how to build realistic expectations. The process is built on a strong idea generation based on Fundamental Analysis both macroeconomic and microeconomic. After learning how to build a watchlist with strong fundamental and detailed ideas, you will be taught how to use price action and technical analysis at the end of the process. Finally, several videos and spreadsheets will be provided for adopting a risk management like professional hedge fund managers.

All the subjects have one goal only: build an easy to use process to generate strong ideas.

Who is the Video Series suitable for?

The 4×4 Video Series has been built for beginners up to advanced investors. By using a step by step process, the series has been developed to make it useful to everyone. The whole idea is to help investors along their learning curve.

The 4×4 Process could be especially helpful for New Retail Traders who want to access a reliable profitable process and easy to implement; more Experience Traders who have been struggling to consistently make money as they are lagging a real process or professional risk management; subscribers who want to have access to the industry or become professional trader.

As hedge funds and proprietary trading firms are reducing their training programs and universities are offering very theoretical courses, the 4×4 Video Series teach a true actionable process.

When buying the Video Series do I have access to the mentoring?

Gregoire has been actively mentoring since 2014 and offers a 3months mentoring program, which comes as a different offer.

The mentoring program is a different offer than the Video Series and could be extremely powerful for people who want to optimize the process or need extra help.

If you would be interested in mentoring program on a standalone basis or as a combination with the 4×4 Series, you should directly contact us at:

Which payment do you accept?

We use PayPal as a secure payment provider. It offers great security and has a very good customer service department.

If you are experiencing difficulties during the payment process, you should be first directly contacting PayPal. Most encountered problems during payments with PayPal will occur when your details need to be updated or if you are reaching your daily limit payments. If you are facing payment issues, you should first directly contact PayPal customer service department. If those payment issues remain, please contact us.