Why Most Retail Traders Lose And What You Can Do About It

Hi, my name is Gregoire Dupont. I have enjoyed a successful 19-years career as a professional trader and gained expertise across a wide variety of markets and asset classes over the years.

Statistic shows that 70 – 90% of retail traders lose money, and they lose because:

  • They have unrealistic expectations.
  • They lack an investment process.
  • They have a poor risk management plan.

Hope is not a strategy

Do not be like the blind squirrel that occassionally finds a nut. You do not need to keep losing!

Now, if you are sick and tired of losing money in the financial markets, stop whatever you are doing and watch this one-hour video.

I am making this video available for free. And if you find this video useful, please share the link with your friends to help them avoid the trap.

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