A quick post on the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) and European Central Bank (ECB).



Eyes are always on Central Bankers’ next moves but that is even more true these days.

The recent move on the Federal Funds Rate expectations from September 2018 to June 2019 is in that sense telling you how important you need to follow them.

From two/three 25bps rate hikes expected in September 2018 for 2019, the market is now forecasting a minimum of 50bps rate cute in 2019, followed by more in 2020.

Those changes and moves have huge implication across asset classes.

Today’s speech from Mario Draghi is another good example.

Here is the link for his speech:


Translating into those moves across asset classes:

– For the Germany 10y

– For the EURUSD

– For the Euro Stoxx 50


So best to know when are the next meetings and/or when speakers are “on stage”.

Some links that might be helpful:

  1. For the Fed, FOMC calendar:


  1. For the Fed, the speakers calendar:


  1. For the ECB:


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