In 2014, I discovered the Education Industry for Retail Traders.

Since then, every day I am amazed but the number of actors and the poor quality of their education.

As I received many inquiries from people to get mentored, I decided to launch my own education. Learning an Investment Process is a vey exciting learning curve (that never ends!) but it requires strong commitment from those who are interested in learning how to manage their own money and/or for those who want to get access to the industry.

From my own experience, there is no better option than to learn directly from a Professional Trader and Portfolio Manager. This is what Investment Banks, Proprietary Trading Firms and Hedge Funds do when they hire Junior Traders. To avoid making unnecessary mistakes and learn how to get a Professional Investment Process, Retail Trades have now access to the same education through the Mentoring Program.

By combining a very comprehensive Online Trading Education Course with the 4x4 Video Series and the Mentoring Program, I wanted to offer all the tools needed to be successful all along this learning curve.

Mentoring is very powerful and a real Process Booster. Through 12 weekly well-structured sessions (over 3 to 5 months), You will learn from a Professional Trader like myself on how to:

  • Build a proper Infrastructure to support your Trading Process and become Independent.
  • Interpret Macro Indicators (Lagging, Coincident and Leading) to Generate quality Trade Ideas across different Asset Classes and Regions to profit from Macroeconomic Trends.
  • Perform Bottom-Up Analysis across sectors and stocks using a Quantitative and Qualitative Approach.
  • Add Value to your portfolio through Active Trading by taking advantage of Market Volatility and through investing in Special Situations.
  • Consistently Generate Positive Retuns by Building a Balanced Portfolio using different Asset Classes, Timeframes and Strategies.

With close to 20 years of experience as a Trader and Portfolio Manager, I have gained a vast experience across Assets (Stocks, FX, Bonds, Commodities), Regions and different Market Conditions: Long Only, Long/Short, Small-Cap, Mid-Cap, Large-Cap, Stocks, Futures, Options, FX, Short-Term, Long-Term, Special Situation, Arbitrage, Earnings, Momentum, Value, U.S., non-U.S., etc.

If you are committed to become a Professional Trader and/or You would like to Learn a Professional Process to Manage your own Portfolio, reach out to me for a no-obligation discussion via the Contact Form page.



Mentor’s Curriculum Vitae