Students’ Testimonials

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“I have just finished going through the 4×4 series for the 1st time and I would like to say that it is the most comprehensive education I have ever seen, the professionalism and rigour is of the highest quality this is clearly a case of you get what you pay for. I will be reviewing the videos a few more times in order to build my infrastructure and I am confident that I will have the tools to independently build wealth over time, many thanks”.

H. (England)

“I’m hooked on this course as it is plugging the holes for me and sharpening my understanding. There is no way I should have gone into your mentoring before your 4×4. Glad I’m starting with the 4×4. If only I would have found you first. I mean, everything is better lol. Spreadsheets, video content, everything is better and orderly. Each sheet even has a to do list. Each video makes the best of every minute. Thank you Greg. I’m glad to be onboard.”

D. (United States)

Great value for money. Professional approach and entire process well explained and structured from A to Z, fully supported with ready to use excel spreadsheets. Eye opener in many aspects even though I have also learned elsewhere. You’re buying a good hedge for your $$$. 
I have studied each video carefully. I thought it was going to be a quick check of what I have learned so far. Very very wrong and red alert. The amount of knowledge and information in this course is massive. I really felt overwhelmed with the amount of content and then little uncertain whether it is a good idea to go for trading when might not having sufficient time for all those various “tasks”. But didn’t give up and went through it all as I have already decided to risk some money in trading. But good preparation was key for me and not in a hurry. I got walked through the getting macro view, filtering and idea generation process, quantitative analysis, fundamentals of companies (great coverage here i must say) and the risk management. But what is also very important to me was the great emphasis on the importance of business cycle and especially market conditions when flexibility matters. Repeated so many times together with importance of strict risk management that I could nearly feel it even thought haven’t lost any money yet :). I still feel exhausted after this learning and still need to sort out few practical things but also feel ready to move ahead being  aware of what I am doing. I think it is also a good litmus test – if you go through this course till the end and still feel excited you are ready to go with real money. If not, I would take it as a best stop loss I could buy and wouldn’t even try. But that’s me. It was a pleasure to learn from it. Great stuff. Thank you.
R. (Poland)

We spoke on Skype a few months back & I bought the 4×4 course soon after. 
Already it made a massive difference to my trading, no crazy P/L swings, smaller drawdowns and better risk adjusted returns. 
Most importantly I’m up this year and did well during the week despite all that was going on. 
It is also much easier to filter my most compelling ideas by looking at FCF, industry analysis and qualitative factors
in addition to the top down process I was following before. 
S. (England) - End February 2020

I have now finished the 4×4 Video Series and all I can say is thank you for charging such a reasonable amount for all the content!

I still cannot believe the amount of information in the spreadsheets. It’s absolutely amazing.

P. (England)

The 4×4 series was excellent and provided a huge volume of material taking me through the full process. The backup spreadsheets really helped to cement the information and allowed a good framework from which to build upon. You clearly explain the key concepts and the most important parts to look at – it was a great feeling when everything started clicking into place the further through the course I got. I cannot recommend this course enough and am looking forward to implementing all that I’ve learned.

C. (Scotland)

“Vos videos sont exactement ce qu’il me manquait! Elles sont claires et bien detaillees. Le mot “Trading Education” prend tout son sens tout au long des videos. Il n’y a pas tromperie sur la marchandise. C’est bon signe pour ma decision pour le Mentoring Program.”

A. (Hong-Kong)

Absolute game changer!

I think the most important thing is how many gaps the 4×4 Video Series has helped plug and how confident I feel as a result.

I found your course while I was looking for further guidance with trading, after having taken another course with mentoring from an educator in the field but finding I was still unprofitable and getting worse 12 months in. Thank god,  your course has been a game changer. What a relief. It’s filled all the gaps that were left out by the other educators, and most importantly of all, I’ve now stopped the bleeding and I’m finally making money. I’ve become so much more confident. The depth in the videos makes the process so much clearer and easier to follow, and the risk management has been an eye opener. When you consider I have been mentored twice elsewhere yet your course has managed to fill the gaps even that couldn’t, it says a lot. Especially considering your course is 1/10th the price of what I paid there. 

All of the spreadsheets you provide are worth the price alone and I use them daily. They have completely redefined my process and I’m all the better for it. The P/L speaks and it says THANK YOU. Without your course, I’d probably have continued getting worse and I was close to giving up. Not anymore. I’d say for me, the highlights have been the macro analysis, stock filtering process and risk management. I’m so much more confident tackling the markets now because you help us understand HOW to link it all together, and a lot of that is because of how well you lay out the steps for reading the macro picture and sector selection. I cannot emphasise enough how much I’ve learned from your leading indicator videos. You cover so much more than the previous course I did. I’d usually have 3-4 ideas a month from the leading indicators but I found this month (Dec 19) I’ve had 12 from the ISM and 15 from the NMI. You’ve really ‘outperformed’ the other educators here! And covered off crucial things the previous educator had left out – thanks again! I definitely want to do mentoring with you in the future.

L. (England)

I thought the – – – – had taught me everything I needed to know to make money. Unfortunately it barely scratches the surface. The 4×4 is far superior in every area, e.g. scope of asset classes, quantitative and qualitative analysis explanations (this was huge for me and lacking in the other course), value chain detail, better technical analysis explanations and so much more.

The 4×4 course is a must for any retail trader that wants a DETAILED trading education. There is a lot of information to take in so you do have to put in the hours in. But its worth the effort. Gregoire explains everything clearly with examples so its easier to understand. The course also provides a large number of excel spreadsheets that allows you to build you own infrastructure
so you can be self sufficient relatively quickly. This is the course to buy if you want to learn how trade like a professional with out all the other marketing BS that is so prevalent in trading education now days.

M. (Australia)

I have to say that the mentoring sessions, I have done with Gregoire, left me dazzled.

T. (Saudi Arabia)

Overall, I was very pleased with the mentoring program. Gregoire was always available and very good at explaining complex concepts. It is possible to tailor the mentoring program to your own level of knowledge and background. I highly recommend this mentoring program to anyone who wants to learn/improve their trading or in any other way benefit from Gregoire’s long career in the industry.

Also, this mentoring program helped me tremendously in getting an internship at a very reputable prop trading firm.

But most importantly, the real results from the mentoring program: The first full month of trading (May 2019) my portfolio was up +8%, outperforming the market significantly. 

R. (Finland)

The mentoring programme with Gregoire has given me the confidence I was lacking in executing my first trade. I did finance at University and had undertaken a couple of “professional trading courses” but after the first session I quickly realised that I knew nothing and was immediately outstanded by Gregoire’s knowledge of the markets and his emphasis on risk management. I can comfortably say that if I had started trading before the mentoring I would have quickly been burnt by the markets!

The programme follows a structure although is tailored according to your aptitude and development. As you generate trade ideas you will be constantly challenged (in a good way) to evaluate what could go wrong with a trade and its associated risks. This type of insight will allow you to develop better ideas after each mentoring session and give you an insight in how a professional fund manager thinks.

The programme is quite demanding, takes a lot of hard work and time commitment, however Gregoire was accommodating in that respect when I was struggling with other life duties.

Overall it has been a great experience and a pleasure learning from Gregoire, I would not hesitate in undertaking another round of mentoring in the near future. 

Y. (England)

As someone who made the deliberate decision to start with a relatively small account, the big step of paying for mentoring was one I wrestled with for some time. I asked myself ‘how successful will it need to be to recoup my initial outlay’? However, once I changed my thinking to include the losses I could make from trading badly the maths made sense and my mind was made up to proceed. Having recently completed my final session I am able to say, without question, that I made the right decision.

The mentoring itself obviously has a discipline and a structure to it, but is still an enjoyable experience and includes a high degree of personalisation as Gregoire quickly discovered my weak and strong points. This, in particular, has taught me a lot about myself and my style and that awareness has been incredibly helpful in improving both my results and the way that I think and execute. 

As I sit here typing this endorsement, looking at how my account has grown since session 1 (from a surprisingly small number of trades), I reflect upon not just how much better my portfolio is constructed now, but also how well I sleep because of it. Gregoire has helped equip me with skills that will remain relevant for the rest of my trading career and I wholeheartedly recommend him to others.

J. (Singapore)

Throughout the programme, Gregoire remembered everything about myself, my progress and all the minor details that we discussed during the course. He pays extra attention to detail, and you can see that he really cares about your learning and that he’s not content when something is not working.

J. (Czech Republic)

Gregoire was able to create a bespoke mentoring for myself, using familiar anecdotes, which I found the most helpful as being quite young it would be hard to grasp some concepts. However with Gregoire’s incredible teaching style and vast amount of knowledge I feel I have come a long way as not just a retail trader but a capable investor. I would highly recommend Gregoire to anybody that would like to learn more about investing the smart way!

S. (England)

Gregoire is a very approachable, flexible and knowledgeable trader and I would highly recommend the mentoring program to aspiring traders of all abilities.

K. (Scotland)

Overall the whole mentoring program turned out better than expected, I definitely learned more than I expected and after this program I definitely have a lot more confidence and understanding of financial markets. It was totally worth it.

C. (Singapore)

Gregoire’s teaching philosophy is extremely straightforward and direct. He will teach you not only how to properly trade, but will also speak to you about the challenges you will face trading and prepare you on how to possibly deal with them.  I would absolutely recommend this training 100% to anyone who seriously wants to learn how to trade and is willing to put up the effort to do so.

R. (Dominican Republic)

I would strongly recommend anyone to get the mentorship under you if someone is seriously looking to acquire the trading skills in a systematic way. No academic qualification or the subscription-based trading education can teach what cover during the mentoring session.

J. (Singapore)

Over the course of the program I learnt a structured approach to analysing stocks to go into a watchlist.  I really liked that I am now in a position to appreciate the specific things to focus on, depending on the sector. Each week there was something new. This is a very challenging and ultimately rewarding experience; I was pushed very hard, and rightly so.

J. (England)

Your tools and materials for building sectors as well as stock analysis were excellent.  It made finding and evaluating new ideas much easier and faster.  Not to mention it helped single out key criteria to focus on in the various given sector. Also, the Internet sites and resources you have suggested have been a major source of information for my analysis and has sped up my idea generation processes..

B. (England)

Gregoire gave great advice and explanations not only about trading and portfolio management, but also about what it’s like to work in this industry and finding the right environment that suits. My knowledge of doing fundamental analysis for companies in different industries has greatly improved, which means I can now generate much higher quality ideas than ever before.

R. (England)

Review of the Mentoring:

How to build a fundamental bias on a company by gathering the information from macro, financial statements analysis, 10-k and earnings transcripts.

Structuring a trade for effective risk management without being “forced” to pair the trade against another company.

Strong emphasis on risk management.

Great sharing of the little things that happens in the Industry.

Z. (Singapore)

I decided to take part in the programme after having some experience as a sell-side summer macro analyst and as a trader and after going through curses created by other educators, however I still felt like there were some significant gaps in my idea-generation and risk management. I didn’t have enough confidence in my trading as I was opening positions while relying on analysis I found online and on trade recommendations, rather than on my own analysis and market view. 
What you get from the sessions is 100% practical knowledge about conducting fundamental research and about risk management, without any academic bs I used to hear at university. Gregoire is a great teacher, always willing to answer any question, very patient and intelligent. Even when at the beginning I was struggling with my idea generation because of too academic style of my analysis, he managed to get me back on the right track. I now have much better understanding of what factors are driving stock prices and how to assess catalysts which could affect markets both in the long and short term. I can honestly recommend Gregoire’s mentoring programme to everyone who is seriously thinking about managing own money or about getting a job within the industry. 
S. (Poland)

Firstly I would just like to say thank you for time you spent with me, helping me with my trading and portfolio management. I learnt a lot of useful information, techniques and the ability to go through ideas much faster than I did before your program.

You are a good teacher, patient, and you didn’t mind going through with things me over again, which I really appreciated. I liked the way you go through stocks, analyzing most aspects that is available out there to a retail trader.

You were able to remember most of our conversations, which i was really impressed with. I explained to you what was happening in my life, and you always asked me how I was doing, like a true mentor.

S. (South Africa)

Gregoire’s mentoring was a complete game changer for me and delivered over and above what I thought it would. Not only am I a better trader, but the things I learned have translated massively into a deeper understanding of finance that has really helped in my career in finance. I think it would be near impossible to get this level of understanding of fundamental analysis without one on one sessions with a seasoned expert, believe me I have tried using many courses and YouTube videos. Prior to the program I was no beginner, I already had extensive experience trading, but Gregoire tailored his program to my skill level perfectly. He was completely flexible when it came to adjusting the program to focus on the core pieces I was interested on, and never gave any pushback during the multiple times I had to reschedule our sessions due to my busy work schedule. I would (and do) recommend this program to anyone who is serious about rapidly accelerating their knowledge of the markets and fundamental analysis. The program is not easy at all and takes an incredible amount of time, but it’s worth every penny.

P. (United States)

The 12-week mentorship program provided by Gregoire is by far the best trading learning experience I have had so far in my life. Personally, I have bought almost half a dozen online retail trading courses over the past 2-3 years and none of them compare to this. Having a professional trader who has been in the industry for so many years teaching you on a 1-on-1 basis is the best way to learn this game. Gregoire is always willing to help you and answer your questions. He responded to my emails in a very quick manner and worked around my day job schedule in order to have our sessions at a proper hour for me.

As to the actual trading knowledge you will gain, it is unlike anything I have ever experienced. You will have to put in the work in order to become a profitable trader, there is simply no way around that, but Gregoire was there every step of the way giving me tips and tricks as to how to come up with trade ideas in a fast and efficient manner.

I would highly recommend Gregoire’s program to anyone who wants to take his/her trading in a serious manner. Trading is not easy, but then again almost nothing good in life rarely is. If you are willing to put in the hard work, I can assure you taking this program will take your trading to the next level.

R. (United States)